CNmy is the Overseas Business Authorized Representative of Chongqing International Investment Consulting (CIIC). We are working under the consortium led by CIIC to look for integrated PPP/BOT/EPC+F/ EPC projects at Belt & Road Initiatives (BRI) countries.

CIIC is state-owned and one of the top investment and engineering & construction consulting company in China. Riding on BRI initiative, CIIC partners  with Chongqing state-owned finance and construction institutions such as banks , securities, insurance, economic & trade co-operation, engineering & construction companies to provide for PPP/BOT/EPC+F/EPC projects.

Under the integrated One-Stop-Solution arrangement, we are able to provide consulting, financing, design, project management, construction, operation and maintenance solutions.

Chongqing's 2016 GDP was USD255 Billion.

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